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Modest World: where modesty is fashion.

As a young girl I was always intrigued by modest dress.  I felt that modesty made a woman more beautiful and dignified.  Covering your hair was just like the cream on the cake, a crown on your head.  Whenever I see a woman with a headcovering I picture a Queen of G-d.  This is what sent me on my venture to provide Tznius or modest attire for women.

When I started modestworld.com I saw how difficult it was to find a headcoverings that actually covered all your hair.  Not only that, I was searching for the most beautiful collection of head covers that would be most notable for the Queen of Valor.  So this is how the search began…

At first we introduced the Israeli Tichel, also known as a mitpachat in Hebrew.  This scarf is large and square in size and made from one hundred percent cotton.  These square scarves or kerchief have beautiful floral designs, as well as solids, and come in an array of colors.  The Israeli Tiechel can be tied in many different ways to suit your style of choice.

Then came our rectangular headscarves, an oblong headscarf.  A trendy head cover and versatile!  There are so many ways how to tie this headscarf.  Not only that, it can be worn as a shawl or a wrap too!  ModestWorld.com offers many patterns, fabrics, colors as well as Pashminas.

But this wasn’t enough.  To solve the head scarf slipping problem modestworld presented our infamous Cotton Simplicity Hair Snood.  This hairsnood is made of 100% jersey cotton and is great for wearing underneath your head coverings, on its own or as a sleeping cap.  Another great head covering to wear beneath your scarves or on its own is our triangular head scarf.

Speaking of triangle head scarves, the ones we have are similar to bandanas but without the snood fit.  This enables you to customize the size and fit of the bandanna to your head.

Our one of a kind berets will give you full coverage of the hair, are made of cotton, very stylish and comfortable.  Along with our Hats and Caps we offer Crocheted Snoods with a lining.

Last but not least, our skirts.  Modest World only carries long skirts either a-line or flared.  This will ensure modest apparel at its best!

Finally I had our online web store up and running.  I was amazed to see the response, desire and need for modest clothing.  I had women from all different religions responding to this mission of modesty, Jewish, Muslim, Christine just to name a few.  There were women from no religion at all seeking modest wear, just for the sake of self-respect.  I truly feel a merit for facilitating the availability of modest and tznius clothing online.

Not knowing the extent of the need for full coverage headwear, I was pleasantly surprised to help out those women suffering from hair loss or alopecia.  These women suffering from hairloss, due to cancer and chemotherapy, enjoy our line of cotton head coverings.  One chemo patient thanked me profusely for the ability to find fashionable and comfortable headcoverings while going through her cancer recovery.

Whether for religious reasons, hairloss or just fashion everyone can find something at ModestWorld.

So come explore our store!