Buy beautiful Pashminas online at made from silk and wool. Shop Pashmina Scarves for women in many colors and designs. Pashminas can be worn as elegant headscarves or wear pashminas as shawls. Modesty and fashion for the modest woman.  Jewish women dress Tznius and cover their hair.  A Muslim woman wear these scarves as a hijab.  African women wear this as a head wrap.  Pashmina is a fine type of Kashmiri wool. The textiles made from it were first woven in Indian Kashmir. Pashmina translates to Soft Gold. Pashmina came to be known as cashmere in the West because Europeans first encountered this fibre in Kashmir. The wool comes from four distinct breeds of the Cashmere goat. These shawls are hand spun, and woven in Kashmir and Nepal, and made from fine cashmere fibre.  Woven shawls in India have been worn as early as Indus Valley Civilisation.  Modest World offers top quality, Enjoy!