Shop Modest Clothing at modestworld.com and buy beautiful Long Cotton Skirts. Long denim skirts for women. As well as Blue or black jeans skirts. Wear A lined or flared modest fashion. Shop an array of styles and patterns for the zenius woman.  Laws of modesty are followed by the Jewish woman.  Jewish Law requires the Tznius woman to cover her knees by wearing a long skirt.  The skirt can be made of any color and any material as long as it looks appropriate and tzniut.  Modest Clothes is also accepted by other religions and is considered to be the most beautifull attire to wear.  A modest woman dressed modestly appears like a queen in royal garb and she is respected by  all who see her.  Modesty is fashion!  Modesty is style!  The stylish woman will be loved by all her family and friends.  Modest apparel and modest dress is the way to go!

  • Simcha


    Black A-Lined Cotton Twill Long Skirt. Material has some elasticity. The skirt is meant to be worn below thw waist. It has a jersey cotton yolk 5" long and the skirt continus another 34". Geat as a maternity skirt as well! No Slits and No Zippers! Length measure: 39" (99cm). Around the top rim, which meets the yolk measures: 6- 35" (89cm), 8- 38" (97cm), 10- 39" (100cm), 12- 40" (102cm), 14- 42"(106cm), 16- 44" (112cm).
  • Blue or Black Jeans skirt, A-lined with pockets! Measurement of waist from size 6-16 respectively; 31", 34", 35", 36", 37", 39". Length 40". Back zipper.
  • A flattering flary skirt. Blue Jeans that you will love. Decorated with a front buckle/button. Closed with a back zipper. Sizes 8-14. Measures 39" (100cm) long.
  • Pockets

    A-Lined Summer Cotton Twill Long Skirt with pockets. Material has some elasticity. Size 6-31", Size 8-33", Size 10-34", Size 12-36", Size 14-37", Size 16-39". Length Measures 39".